Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pepperoncini Piccante Ripieni - Stuffed Hot Peppers

It's true, you know, Italy really is a food lovers paradise!
Ok, so I know everyone has already figured that out but I couldn't believe the person I turned intoover there.
I just wanted to buy food all the time. It's crazy. You really have to restrain yourself. I would love to have bought so much more food. I didn't because I wasn't sure what I could bring back into the country and actually, I felt a little silly just buying food the whole time!
I have attempted to recreate the food, the ambiance and the taste since I have been home.
This is a delicious antipasto I sampled at dinner with my cousin. Of course, she pickled fresh peppers and I have used bottled hot peppers. But then again she also cured the most delicious little Calabrian black olives and her husband made his own wine. Dinner was spectacular.
This is a very loose recipe and I'm sure you could adjust the few ingredients to suit your tastes. This is what I like.
Pepperoncini Piccante Ripieni
200g canned tuna in oil
2 tablespoons capers, if in salt rinse well
4 large or 6 small anchovies
a handful Italian parsley, coarsely chopped

 Put all your ingredients in the bowl of a food processor.

Whizz until smooth.
 Take a jar of hot peppers, drain and allow to dry upside down on paper towel

Fill a plastic disposable piping bag with the tuna mixture and fill each pepper cup.
Carefully place all the fill peppers into an appropriate size container with a lid and top up with olive oil before sealing with the lid. Apparently they will keep well for a while but we ate our quickly so I can't be sure about keeping qualities.
I can be sure that they are good, really good. Try stopping at just one!


  1. Marcellina - your site looks awesome! That said, I'm a hot and spicy nut and what I would give for a plate of your stuffed peppers right now! They look devilishly hot and delicious!

  2. What a great idea. I've never seen stuffed peppers like these before.

  3. These look delicious! They must also be very flavorful. Great recipe!

    I just discovered your blog and browsed through some of your recipes, they all look scrumptious!

    I really enjoy reading your posts :) you have a new follower!

    Michela from Italy

  4. Hi Marcellina!

    I love Italian food and would love to visit Italy one day. I'm sure I would be buying food all the time too. I've tried the deli bought versions of these (the ones filled with cheese) but didn't realise I could make my own. They look fab.

    And thanks for visiting my blog :) Yes, we moved to Singapore in April last year because hubby was offered a job here.


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