Thursday, January 3, 2013

Italian Dream Part 2

Our Italian Dream continued in Venice.
The Mouth of Truth - the political history of Venice is intriguing.
As we cross the Bridge of Sighs we glimpse the canal below and
imagine  the heavy heart of the prisoner of days gone by.
Yes, we had to do the gondola trip!
Florence welcomes us with a delicious pizza...
...and glorious sights!
Pisa was crowded but the Baptistry, Basilica and Tower were impressive.
Oh yes, we have arrived in Rome!
Trevi was spectacular!
A side trip to Assisi proved a favourite all around...mmmm!
I have no words. Assisi is more gorgeous...
....and much more spiritual than we could have anticipated.
The majestic St Peter's Basilica
In Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius still seems to loom over the area.
Back in Rome we visit Pizza Navona for some delicious roasted chestnuts.
And can't resist the pastries in the shop window.
Mmmm, this cherry slice was to die for!
A short walk to Campo dei Fiori we found a plethora of goodies for the kitchen.
I didn't know there were so many varieties of sun dried tomatoes!
Spices of every colour and perfume.
A taste for everyone.
Fresh salad ingredients ready for the table.
Sweet fruit!
Have you ever tried uva fragola - strawberry grapes?
A serious taste sensation.
Pasta, pasta everywhere!
I'd be happy to received this bunch of chillies!
Just a little more to go.
Join me soon for peek at Reggio di Calabria, Scilla e Sicily!



  1. Oh Marcellina, I can't believe you were just few miles from me :(...I live just 30 miles from Taormina, on Etna Vulcano :(...anyway I'm happy you liked all about this trip , xoxoxox have a wonderful happy new year, Flavia

  2. Ciao! Ti ho scoperta per caso, sei una cuoca formidabile!!! Complimenti :) Da oggi ti seguirò con piacere, se ti va possiamo sentirci su facebook, ti aspetto :)
    il mio link:


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    ೋ ~~ FELICE 2013~~ ೋ
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  3. I'm loving living my holiday dreams through your blog. Where are you planning to go in Sicily? If you need any tips on places to eat or things to do, let me know as it's my home away from home.
    Can't wait to see more photos!

  4. Ahh those picture of Campo di Fiori brought back memories! Alas I didn't try the strawberry grapes as they weren't in season when I visited but they sound interesting! Are they more strawberry or grape?

  5. Your photos are wonderful! They made me hungry and have given me a bad case of wanderlust. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary


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