Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Macaron Tower for Our Own Royal Wedding

On Friday 29th April, 2011 many people around the world stopped to watch Kate Middleton marry her prince. Whether a royal follower or not most of us could not avoid the hype over this wedding and sure, Kate Middleton made a beautiful bride and her prince William struck a handsome figure. The following day, my family celebrated the marriage of our own princess, my niece. And yes, the bride looked gorgeous, the groom was emotional and the day was perfect. Our princess has her prince!

After a wonderful wedding ceremony, we moved onto a local family run hotel for the reception. Food and drink flowed, speeches brought tears to eyes and the music played. 

My challenge for the day was to produce two macaron towers to accompany coffee.

Of course, I thought the day was perfect so I decided to give you a little peak.

A twist on the Italian tradition of bombonieri, the selection at the elegant Candy Buffet was abundant.

Full blown white roses decorated the reception area.

Guests wrote their personal messages to happy couple then hung them on the message tree.

A candlelit hallway welcomed the guests.

The bridesmaids posy added colour.

The wedding dress was cleverly crafted.
(Doesn't my niece display it perfectly?)

The two macaron towers on the coffee table along with other sweets. 

I use Tartlette recipe for macarons as I find they always (well, almost) work. Visit her blog for the recipe. The macarons were plain with flavoured ganache -

 White macarons with Amaretto milk chocolate ganache,
 Purple with Parfait d'Amour, white chocolate ganache and
Purple with Creme de Cassis, dark chocolate ganache.

Just by reducing the cream and adding liqueur to taste produced delicious ganache.
For two towers I needed almost 180 macarons which was about six batches of the macaron recipe. I covered the styrofoam cones in foil then used white chocolate as the glue to stick the macarons on. I was concerned with our very humid climate that the usual toothpicks would not hold the macarons. The white chocolate worked well and the small amount did not interfere with the taste.

The next morning as we arrived at the back door of the family run hotel to collect the last few remaining items we were greeted with this sight. Nonna had been up earlier and washed all the wedding tablecloths and hung them to perfection.

 Don't you just love it?


  1. Ciao! I missed you. Congrats to your niece. Wow! What a gorgeous event. You made everything sooo amazing. The food looks delicious!!

  2. those macaoon towers are amazing... I have yet to perfect the macaroon!... and yes, I love those sheets hanging on the line... that's genius!

  3. Congratulazioni to your niece!! Macaron towers, wow–that's really amazing.
    I love the last picture the best, beautifully closed the fairy tale post.

  4. It's our daughter's wedding that you are seeing here and yes it was the most beautiful,happiest of days for all of us. My sister's family and ours are very close and the love and support she gives is without boundaries. Those macaron towers were stunning;for her skill, in their presentation and let me assure you,absolutely divine to eat.

  5. Marcellina, what a gorgeous macaron tower! Very elegant party! Congratulations to your niece and to you, too!

  6. It looks like it was an absolutely beautiful wedding, Marcellina. From the bride to the macarons to those tablecloths drying on the line, it all looks spectacular.
    I realize I never got back to you about the German chocolate cake. it has nothing to do with Germany, but some American fellow named German and a sweet baking chocolate he developed!

  7. I just smiled my way through this beautiful day. I love it all including the ending!

  8. That is gorgeous, marcellina! I love the purple macarons! Congratulations to your niece :) Hope you're doing well..haven't seen you around the DK in a while.

  9. Wow, how amazing are those towers. What a lovely thing to do for your niece's wedding. So special.

  10. Your towers are really beautiful and hats off to you because making so many macarons must have been really a huge piece of work :D The wedding dress is wonderful!!

  11. Wonderful macaron treats (and perfectly executed) for what looks like a very happy, very beautiful day.

  12. Bravo! Your macaron towers are just stunning and I find the colours particularly fetching! :D Love that last photo of the tablecloths too!


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