Friday, December 3, 2010

Week 10 of Twelve Weeks of Christmas Cookies - Choc-Cherry Coconut Bon Bons

Phew! What a week it has been! So much has happened it feels longer than it has been. Today my son finished his primary school education. It has been such an exciting week as he was awarded Dux of his school for 2010. This is such an honour and rather a surprise as he downplays how well he does at school. We are so proud of him.
With all the goings on this week I haven't really had time to bake a special cookie as such for Twelve Weeks of Christmas Cookies. But I was baking heaps! Each year I give the teachers gifts of homebaked goodies as thanks for their dedication over the past school year. One of the goodies I prepared was Choc-cherry Coconut Bon Bons which I thought would be perfect for this weeks Christmas Cookies challenge.
I found this recipe on one of my favourite blogs My Food Obsession by Susan. This is a great Australia blog by a lady who have only been baking for the last 5 years and has developed a wonderful talent. I only slightly varied the recipe because of what I had on hand. The recipe uses Moist Coconut Flakes which are new to most Australians but I think quite common elsewhere being simply sweetened, shredded coconut. Also  I used copha, solid coconut oil, melted with the chocolate because it loosens the chocolate making coating easier however I did notice the bon bons sweat more in our humidity with copha in the chocolate whereas with they don't.

These are delicious bon bons which would make an excellent gift. I know the recipients of mine were thrilled and my daughter has been eating them for breakfast. Yep, teenagers can eat anything, anytime! Do try them they are so easy and so yummy! 

Cherry Coconut Bon Bons


200ml (7 fl oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2tsp cherry brandy
1tsp vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 cup icing (confectioners) sugar, sifted
225g  McKenzie’s Moist Flakes Coconut
75g dessicated coconut (unsweetened)
350g (12 oz) red glace cherries, diced finely
1/2 cup desiccated coconut for rolling
450g (16 oz ) dark chocolate suitable for coating
40g copha, optional


Line a 23cm x 33cm (9 x13-inch) slice pan with baking paper.
Combine condensed milk, cherry brandy, vanilla extract, and salt in a bowl.
Add icing sugar and stir with a wooden spoon until fully incorporated.
Add ‘Moist Flakes Coconut’, dessicated coconut & glace cherries and stir until combined.
Chill mixture in refrigerator until easy to mold, about 1 hour. Take 1 rounded teaspoon of mixture at a time and roll into balls, then roll in desiccated coconut.
Line a cookie tray with baking paper.
Melt the chocolate and copha, if using, and dip the balls into the chocolate, covering completely, and place them on the prepared tray until set. Store finished balls in the refrigerator.

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Week 10 Twelve Weeks of Christmas:


  1. Congrats to your son for his good work. I'm sure you had a hand in that as well. These little bon bons look so pretty with that pink color peeking through and I love how easy these sound to make.

  2. These look like an excellent teacher gift! Beautiful and delicious!

  3. First of all, congratulations for your son!
    This bon bons look great! I'm not a teenager for a long time, but certainly I could eat them at breakfest too!!!

  4. Chocolate covered cherries and Chocolate with a coconut cream filling are always the two candies I go for first in the box! Unfortunately the cherry ones often disappoint, but that's okay because now I can combine them and make my own! Excellent!
    And congratulations to your son!

  5. I bet the teachers were thrilled to receive these beautiful, tasty treats! Congrats to your son (and you:)) on his success!

  6. Oh what a nice and different treat

  7. Oh my! it's like a homemade Cherry Ripe! They look amazing, and you didn't even have to turn the oven on. Congratulations to your son, and I wish I was his teacher, to get some of these!

  8. Yes, these remind me of Cherry Ripe. I've missed Cherry Ripes terribly since moving to the Equator from Australia.
    One thing we do have around here is fresh coconuts. I would love to try this recipe.

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  10. I have never seen a cookie like this! They look so yummy, and love the Christmas red

  11. I had no idea the school year ends up now in Australia :) because in my country the end is in June. Thanks for the info, I know another interesting thing now :) I love the thick layer of chocolate on your bon bons! Would love to have one now :)

  12. COongrats to your son! (You must be a very proud Mama :) ). Been so busy too, haven't been visiting in a while and so glad I cam over today, the bon-bons look fantastic (like Cherry Ripe balls).

  13. ohhhh I'm so making these. they look fantastic!

  14. Felicidades , marcellina me encanta tu Blog ,,,,y los dulces ummmmm saludos desde VIGO -GALICIA -ESPAÑA .MARIMI

  15. Ciao! Congrats to your son, you must be very proud of his accomplishment. I have never tried the combo of cherry & coconut together, I'm always willing to try new things. Sounds like a great recipe!

  16. I made these today and added extra moise coconut and a generous nip or two of Kirsch, they are now cherry liquer bonbons. and are just heavenly!!


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