Thursday, November 12, 2009

Revisiting Chocolate Mousse

I have a funny thing about eggs. It's not that I don't like eggs. I do enjoy them. But, you know, when you put that wine glass to your lips and you get that whiff of egg. Or the sponge cake that wasn't scented well with vanilla wafts eggy smells towards you. Or the chocolate mousse that is more egglike than chocolate. That what brings me to today. I never really did get chocolate mousse. Too many eggs and too little chocolate. Ahh, but what to do with a child who is craving that chocolate moussy thing that is sold in the cold section of supermarkets. Make your own of course. So, I turned to my trusty computer for inspiration. I wanted a mousse rich in dark chocolate and whipped light with egg whites but creamy with thick cream. Several recipes drew my attention but I settle on Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe from the Royal Orleans.
I used 10 oz really good, dark chocolate and 2 oz of good, white chocolate. Of course, the quality of the chocolate really shows in the end result. My motto is to alway use the very best you can get your hands on. I also increased the sugar to 1/2 cup.

This chocolate mousse turned out to be just what I wanted - intense chocolate, creamy and foamy all at once. This recipe stated that it was best eaten immediately. Certainly at that point it had all the airyness of a traditional mousse however after 24 hours the flavours had melded and developed beautifully. Oh, such chocolatey bliss!


  1. Ciaooo Marcellina!!! :-D
    I think the same choose that you: more chocolate and less eggs!
    I'm curious to try this recipe!
    Ago :-D

  2. Grazie Ago! Yes, you must try it. E`ottimo!

  3. Your chocolate mousse looks stunning. Thanks for sharing! :)


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